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From the President

The last 50 years have seen an explosion of technological creativity unprecedented in recent history, which continues to progress and expand at an amazing rate institutes of higher learning, such as SUT, have had to keep pace with this creative upsurge, by expanding both their levels of scientific research and understanding, in an effort to provide answers to the technological demands of a modern society.
It is no longer sufficient to maintain a localized concept of society's requirements.
What was acceptable 40 years ago is now outmoded and inconsistent with the exigencies inherent in the 21st Century.
All technological developments can only progress in a collaborative scientific climate and it is, thus, necessary to combine the enthusiasm and contemporary outlook of highly regarded faculty members who possess some of the most significant credentials in their particular areas of expertise from various international institutes of higher learning around the world. SUT has made every effort to contribute towards this combination of choices.
As a result, the university has always maintained selection of the best and brightest young student minds supported by qualified and conscientious faculty members, which has created a legacy of excellence extending to the four corners of the globe. We now have, also, an international branch of SUT located at Kish Island, which endeavors to build a foundation of bilateral scientific cooperation with international academic and technology institutes, specifically providing a wider outlook in science and engineering research activities.
Technology remains the driving force behind human society, including improvement of surrounding and a better standard of living.
Global Communications, travel, transportation and power are all part of the technology revolution and we must be ready to develop better and more powerful means of understanding these vital elements of today's society.
Scientists and engineers have played a major role in this technological revolution and the benefits to society derived from these inventions and discoveries encompass every area of our lives. Today, it would be unthinkable to be without the modern conveniences made available through the application and creative genius of these young academics.
It is, therefore, vitally necessary to provide a suitable environment for the promotion of skills by which future scientists and engineers will be able to meet the ever growing demand of such complex technological systems and ensure that appropriate instruction is made available for the development and maintenance of engineering and scientific expertise.
SUT has been a model of educational excellence since its inception in 1965 and has continued to upgrade the standard and character of the curriculum, in keeping with the fast changing nature of applied science and engineering. The required programs of study give the students an opportunity to expand their understanding of engineering and scientific methods and provide facilities for further research into various area of importance to the country and society in general. The combination of experienced tutoring and professional expertise guarantees the high caliber of graduates who eventually leave SUT for prominent positions in industry and academia. Our results, thus far, have been highly rewarding and, with the help of students and staff alike, we hope to continue this trend of excellence well into an even brighter future.

Professor Saeed Sohrabpour,
Sharif University of Technology

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