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2011/05/25  10:42

Sharif, the Leading Institution as an Environment Caretaker in Iran

Iran’s First Conference on Environmental Remeditation Technologies was opened in Sharif University of Technology (SUT) on Wednesday May 25, 2011. Dr. Roosta Azad the president of SUT, Mohammad Javad Mohammadi Zadeh, the head of Iran’s Department of Environment, and a lot of experts, Professors and students participated in this gathering.
Dr. Roosta Azad, the chairman of this conference in the opening ceremony said, "Fortunately, a high attention is paid to the environment today and despite the past, in which merely the industrial development was considered important, at present, the developmental planning is performed with regard to the environmental problems." Referring to the fact that Sharif University is the leading institution as a caretaker of the environment in Iran, the president of SUT emphasized that SUT has been among the first centers observing and warning about the problems and the dangers of the environmental pollutions.
Criticizing the destructive industrial developments, the conference chairman said, "In each development that takes place in the country, great importance should be given to the cultural and environmental issues. At the end of his speech, the president of SUT hopefully expressed that the environmental science-based methods and their peripheral problems are expected to be taken into consideration and favorable achievements are expected to be attained after all.
Later in the conferences Mohammadi Zadeh, the head of the Department of Environment expressed his gladness due to the attention of SUT toward the pollution problems of the environment, and he said, "Sharif University is one of the outstanding and distinguished universities in the country and it has always been victorious concerning the research and the applied fields. He added that he was glad to see that this university had started his activities with regard to environmental problems and it had tried to find solutions to these problems."
Mohammadi Zadeh also mentioned that environmental issues are not bound to any borders and the whole world should take steps to reduce and solve environmental problems.
In the end, Mohammadi Zadeh expressed his own and the authority’s readiness to benefit from the viewpoints of SUT professors and experts in order to resolve the current problems in the strategic plan and to make it operational.
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