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2011/04/03  16:12

The Japanese Ambassador’s meeting with SUT president and faculty

Following the previous coordination with I.R. Iran Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, Mr. Kinichi Komano, the Ambassador of Japan to I.R. Iran accompanied by Mr. Yasushi Fujii, the cultural consul of the Embassy had a meeting with the president of SUT and SUT professors graduated from the Japanese universities and discussed the ways for expanding scientific cooperation between SUT and the Japanese universities.
At the beginning of this meeting which was held in the office of SUT president, Dr. Rasool Jalili, the Dean of International and Scientific cooperation of SUT welcomed the Japanese Ambassador and the consul of Japan, and then, he provided explanations concerning the schedule and the objectives of the meeting.
Later, Dr. Reza Yousefi, the representative of SUT professors graduated from Japanese universities, while providing explanations in connection with the scientific relations between Iran and Japan, assessed the current cooperation between the universities of these two countries insufficient. He added that the expectation would be for greater scientific relations due to the fact that, it would be for the benefit of both countries.
In the continuation of the meeting, Dr. Roosta Azad, the president of SUT delivered a lecture, introducing SUT. Referring to the widespread scientific relations between SUT and creditable universities all over the world, he mentioned that the cultural similarity between Iran and eastern countries would be a good opportunity for the expansion of cooperation with universities of these countries.
Afterwards, Mr. Komano thanked SUT authorities for inviting him to visit the university. He pointed out that the current situation concerning the relations between the two countries is under the effect of the resolutions of the UN Security Council against Iran. He added that the universities of the two countries should not wait for a change in the current situation, but they are supposed to take into consideration the common interests in order to establish schedules for cooperation on insensitive grounds. He also requested that the professors and the students of SUT would maintain their relations with Japanese universities and that SUT would inform the Japanese Embassy about its schedules for cooperation with the Japanese universities in order to facilitate the necessary follow-ups from the Embassy side.
Then Dr. Javad Akbari, the faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department of SUT while mentioning the programmes of three Japanese institutions named NEDO, JSPS and JST for the support of the research and scientific cooperation, called these programmes suitable frameworks for cooperation. He also mentioned that holding joint Ph.D. courses (known as 2+2) and providing the conditions for the participation of Ph.D. students of SUT in the Japanese universities for a period of 6 to 9 months would be programmes with the higher priority for Sharif University. He hoped that the Japanese Embassy in Iran by preventing misunderstandings and negative mentalities, could have a positive influence on the viewpoints of the Japanese universities in order to establish relationship with the Iranian universities.
In the continuation of the meeting, Mr. Komano attended the lunch ceremony in which SUT professors graduated from the Japanese universities also participated. In this part of the schedule, the professors introduced themselves and expressed their viewpoints and suggestions. Some of the professors’ viewpoints are listed below:
  • The expansion of industrial along with scientific relations.
  • The provision of facilities for the travel of Iranian professors to Japan for the participation in scientific conferences of that country.
  • The familiarization of the students with the cultural manifestations of the two countries in order to prepare the suitable grounds for the expansion of the scientific relations.
In the end, the two parties offered some gifts to each other.
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